Remember the sacrifice

I spent a lovely day with my family. Today was about catching up with my nephew, my sister and my parents – three generations together to share some fun, stories and views. It was just what I needed after a long week and a busy seven days ahead of me. The happy family moments today were made even more poignant when I considered what was happening in London.

Today is National Police Memorial Day, a time to remember all those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I have been following the updates and comments on Twitter throughout the day and it has been really emotional. The families who attended have had their lives changed by the loss of their loved one, and I cannot comprehend what they face.

It is important to recognise and remember those that have given their lives for others while serving as police officers. There are few jobs where people face danger on a daily basis and we should be grateful that there are people who want to step into those roles. Society relies on those people and what they are prepared to give for others. I know it is something I couldn’t do but I have huge respect for those who do feel able to do these dangerous jobs.

Having a day to remind people of this contribution and that of the family and friends who support their loved one is important. I am only surprised that there has been little coverage of it within the news. I checked Google News and there were around half a dozen articles that came up. I will watch the TV news later with interest to see if it features.

I am very lucky that I got to spend the afternoon with my family, while many families are torn apart when their loved one dies in the line of duty. Whether it is police, fire, armed forces we should take time to remember the sacrifice and say thank you.

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