Knowledge and power

When did you last take a step into the unknown? When did you try something or do something with very little knowledge? It isn’t a position that we want to be in and I suppose that is why we say ‘knowledge is power’. We need to have a level of understanding of what we are going to step into before we make the leap.

I have found myself looking after an elderly bunny in the past few weeks. He has need lots of tlc and looking after following dental surgery. This is a first for me. As a child we had guinea pigs not rabbits and in the past 20 years I have always had gerbils as pets. So I have taken a leap into the unknown and I didn’t like it.

Even before I bought my horse I made sure I had done a course and exam in horse care to ensure that I would have a good grounding in what to do. I have always wanted to make sure I could deal with things so that I could do my best whether it was for the animals in my care, or at work. It is probably why I have continued to try to learn and take exams to keep doing my best.

Today I found a magazine all about rabbits that has provided me with some useful insight into my little lodger. It will help me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge so that I can keep him content. I don’t think this is a bad way to be but it can put an extra demand on you. I always want to do my best, I put my full efforts behind what I do, and that can mean spending lots of extra time to keep learning. It is what I am happy with and I hope it benefits those around me.


Coco rabbit – my little house guest

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