Time to stop and reflect

Are we saying too much? Do we do too much talking and not enough listening? This may seem a bit at odds with me writing a blog every day but there are times when we need to use our time more for reflection, thinking and considering rather than just doing.

With the growth of social media we are now all talking a lot. We tell people what we are going to do, what we are doing and what happened when we did it. There are few parts of our lives that we don’t talk about in some way. It may be providing an update on work, family, friends, holidays, nights out or even what we are eating, whatever it is we are talking about it.

Today it felt like a Sunday that should involve some reflection. It probably comes from having an amazingly busy week with so much packed into it and a lot of emotional highs and lows. It started with me nursing the rabbit from the stables that I now seem to be fostering, and the arrival of my new adopted gerbil Albert. There was the stress of Coco the rabbit having surgery when he is elderly. I met up with a colleague I haven’t seen for eight years.

Later in the week I spent time with Simon Calderbank and Wendy Moran who both were incredibly positive and boosted my mood. The following day I spend almost eight hours on trains to and from London which tested my resilience. It was a non-stop week leaving me needing to do some work to catch up today.

Today, apart from the work I needed to do, I took the opportunity to be a bit more contemplative. I took time to breathe and reflect on the past seven days and to consider the week ahead. It has left me feeling quite refreshed and strong as we head towards a Monday morning. Perhaps we should all take some time to reflect on things, listen and stay silent.

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