A message from the past

I received an email out of the blue this morning which blew my mind. Back in January this year I wrote a note to myself and I have to say I forgot all about it until it appeared in my inbox. If you are wondering what I am talking about you need to check out http://www.futureme.org to find out more.

The idea is that you can send your future self a message whether that is a positive message, a kick in the pants or make some predictions. It is simple you use the website to send yourself an email and then you forget until a specific time in the future. All very simple but really impactive.

I chose to send a few positive words to myself focused on reminding me to be grateful, see the good around me and keep on keeping on. When it arrived and I read it the impact was instant and it gave me a spring in my step for the rest of the day. Something really simple had the power to change my perspective on the day ahead.

It may sound like I am thinking too much about things and perhaps I am. But we do need to give ourselves some space to consider life, ourselves and the future. This was something I discussed today with my mum who was telling me about the modern cult of ‘busy’. She said everyone was too focused on filling their lives and being busy that they didn’t make time to just sit and contemplate. She is always telling me I am doing too much and my reply is always that I enjoy what I do so why not pack in as much as possible.

The key has to be recognising when I need to give myself some downtime when I can relax and unwind. Believe me it has taken a long time to get to the point of recognising that, and even now I sometimes don’t spot the signs.

I have written another message to my future self and I hope that it has the same impact in the future that it did today.

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