Living in a bubble

We are all guilty of living our lives in a bubble. The work we do, the people we meet and how we spend our time is what we have created around us. It means being focused on what we are comfortable with and rarely do we move into a different sphere.

This is why we need to challenge ourselves and do some different things with different people. I have had that chance a few times in recent weeks and it has been massively beneficial. It has broadened my horizons and prompted reflection which is a positive thing.

I am not saying that it has changed some of my views, it hasn’t, but I know why I feel the way I do. By experiencing new things I have been faced with views, beliefs and thoughts that I may find frustrating or controversial. Without this challenge I am not sure that my views would be that strong.

There is a lot of talk about social mobility in the country but few of us experience it. If we are born into a specific sector or place in society then we usually find that is where we spend our time. Even when we do get a chance to step into the realms of the privileged in society it is usually fleeting and viewed as an outsider. At the other end, few of us really understand the hardships that many people face without work, with bills, with the daily struggle for survival.

It is only when we can really see the broadest slice of society that we can understand our place and why we have it. Of course, if we don’t believe it is where we should be then we can find ways to shift our position. The contrary view is always helpful to us so we can review our own beliefs and make sure we know why we have them.

Being in a bubble is not a good place. Yes, it has security. Yes, it is where we are happiest but it will become a bit sterile if it is never questioned or challenged in some way.

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