The power of positivity

It is a simple premise but one that we so rarely take on board; the idea that if you put good things out in the world you will get good things back. A positive attitude can be empowering and put you in a commanding position. This is something that I have been trying to work on for the past two years and while I don’t always get it has improved.

Tonight I was privileged to listen to some uplifting stories of people who have embraced the positive approach to life and have benefitted. It was part of a discussion about resilience, which is of growing importance to businesses and organisations. The event organised by the CIPR North West and Local Public Service group could have been viewed as a ‘fluffy’ subject but it is anything but. Building resilient teams and individuals makes business sense as it improves work and reduces absence.

I was inspired by listening to Simon Calderbank talk about building resilience and the work he does. But two years ago I would not have attended the event, let alone give a short input into it. The time was not right for me until September 2014 when I was looking to change my approach to the trials and tribulations of life. As I listened to Simon I realised that despite challenges I am a much more positive person now and I am continuing to work on it.

What happened two years ago this week was I met Amy Lawrenson and started to get involved in her work. Amy is a life coach, among other things, and has been able to help me find my way, make positive changes and build some tactics to cope with the challenges of life. It has been a lot of hard work, a bit of fun, and serious amounts of learning and unlearning. Learning ways to build my positivity and unlearning the beliefs and values that have limited me in the past.

If you meet me and I am not smiling don’t worry. I am probably just thinking about something and it doesn’t mean I have lost my positivity. In fact my negative approach to problems can sometimes be a positive. This has been an exciting couple of years and there is further work needed but I am relishing the challenge ahead.



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