A moment that lasts

I have worked with many people over the years. There are some that I am still in touch with and others that have become memories. When you work with a team on a daily basis it can feel as though you will remain friends forever. Once you move on, keeping in touch can be challenging and there is no fault but you drift apart.

It has always made me value the time when I am working with people, knowing that it is just a moment in time and will change. If you find work colleagues that you enjoy being with that is something to be grateful for, and if you can gel to improve the job that is when it becomes extra special.

Today I was helping out in a different organisation. I met up with someone I worked with over a number of years and through some challenging times. She left eight years ago but when we met up again it felt like we were back where we had been. I had always enjoyed working with her and valued her judgement on things. It was testament to our strong working relationship that we could be so comfortable so quickly.

I like to think that there are other people I have worked alongside where this would also be the case. We spend quite a chunk of each day at work so it needs to be something we enjoy (most of the time). We need to sit alongside people who are pulling in the same direction, and will get stuck in. Together we can be a strong team to make a difference and have some fun.

I have blogged before about the dysfunctional work family that I have and today reminded me that the links we have remain strong even after almost a decade apart.

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