Decisions, decisions

Election fever seems to have hit the communication profession with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) voting opening today and running through until the 23 September. Social media is full of people providing their vision for the future and hoping to secure votes. I am going to take my time to review what each of the candidates say in the posts that are up for election.

I do find it difficult to discuss voting or to proclaim who I will be voting for. It probably goes back to the fact I have worked in a politically-restricted post for almost 20 years, which curtails what I can do. There is also the feeling that UK elections are something you take part in but they are secret so no-one needs to know who you voted for.

There are many excellent candidates in the mix and while I am considering who I may vote for I can’t feel comfortable with announcing it on social media. I hope that all the people who know me don’t get upset by this approach. One thing I do feel very strongly about, and I will publicly declare, is the need for members of the CIPR to take part in the election and help to define the future of the organisation.

Communication is at a critical point and has never been more important in these unsettled and changing times. I have blogged already this year about the role communication can have in helping to deal with the post-referendum uncertainty. As communication leaders we all need to take the opportunity that has arisen to demonstrate how we can operate at a strategic level.

If you are not sure what to do about the election I would urge you to read through the statements being made by each of the candidates. Then consider whether they are important to you, and whether you feel they will benefit the PR industry which will help you pinpoint those most closely aligned to your views. We all need to be involved in shaping the future and the election is the ideal time to get involved.

I wish all those standing or election good luck and while I won’t be publicly declaring where my vote will go I urge everyone to take the opportunity and take part in the election.

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