Be inspired

I watched my first night of the Paralympic Games last night and have only one word to sum it up – inspiring.

Who can’t be in awe of the amazing achievements being made by those taking part. They are athletes first and foremost and train to reach the top. The fact that they do this while overcoming problems can almost be forgotten.

Watching the butterfly being swum by a woman who had limited use of her arms or men with one leg doing the high jump is hugely inspirational.

Here I sit at home moaning about the mundane things of life like getting the wrong bread, forgetting to put the washing on or having a few aches and pains. It makes me look at things from a different perspective.

I remember the first times watched a partially sighted dressage rider compete. I was moved almost to tears. The guide moved around the arena shouting where the letters were and the test was ridden with skill. Rider and horse in harmony it was an amazing sight.

The next time I am feeling inclined to have a moan or feel down about the small and unimportant things in life I will try to remember what I witnessed last night and get positive.

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