Loving the day

We all need things that we love. I read an interesting comment on social media today which was along the lines that we need to create a life that we enjoy rather than feel we have to get away from with holidays. Of course we all need holidays or some form of break but it is a great sentiment.

I have always said that I would rather spend my money on something that I love to do and can do on a daily basis than to struggle each day just to afford two weeks in the sun. It is that logic that justifies me having a horse, and particularly now a rather expensive horse due to his age. People often think that anyone who has a horse must have money, absolutely not. Anyone with a horse definitely hasn’t got money instead they have an equine companion.

My passion is for my animals and riding which I get to enjoy every day. I don’t need to disappear on two week vacations when I can enjoy spending time doing what I love and that makes me happy. It is an approach that my mum and dad have always had. They spend every day doing what they love which is even more true now they have retired. Many people half their age wouldn’t have the energy and drive to do what they love in the way they have. They remind me that you can try new things at any time and don’t need to accept the status quo.

Life is short, as this year has taught me with the tragic loss of many friends and family. We don’t know what is round the corner which makes living every minute even more important. We should all work to create the kind of life that we want and that we can enjoy on a daily basis. Start now and live it tomorrow.


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