A midweek boost

Every so often in your life you meet someone or step into a new situation that shakes you from your routine. I was lucky to have that experience today when I spent an hour or so with two inspiring people. It was the sort of meeting that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed to face the rest of the day and the rest of the week.

If you are a communication professional around the North West and available next Thursday evening then I would recommend hearing Simon Calderbank talk about strategies to develop personal and professional resilience. (*details below) I met him for the first time today and was captivated by his approach and the approach he takes. Simon is the founder of Big Knows and i2i Partner (http://www.i2i-121.com/). His CV is certainly impressive but it was his passion for the subject and more than that for helping people change their lives that was fascinating.

The subject of resilience and inner strength is something I have blogged about quite a few times. It gets my attention because I think it is a vital quality to develop in this busy, frenetic and challenging modern world. Building this quality is something that my second person has done and she has a drive to share the learning. Wendy Moran is well-known to many in the region as a senior lecturer in public relations at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was behind the Influence for Impact report that came out last year and highlights the challenges for public sector communicators. Whenever I see Wendy she is such a positive person and you can’t help it rubbing off on you.

When I returned back to the routine of the day and what I had to do it was with a bit more of a spring in my step from the energy and enthusiasm of Simon and Wendy. I am honoured to be Simon’s warm up ahead of the main event on Thursday night as it should be a really interesting and more importantly useful evening.

Details of the event are here https://www.cipr.co.uk/events/2016-09-15/influence-impact-resilience

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