Battling the September blues

It is feeling decidedly autumnal today. This time of year can feel quite depressing with rain, cold and dark nights looming up on us. September doesn’t have the shine of summer or the excitement of winter. It is a test of our spirit and resilience to keep positive when the weather has been as dreary as today.

We are at the start of the month so we need to find ways to try and maintain our spirits and keep our mood positive. There are five things I am going to try in the coming weeks to see which works best.

  1. Do something that makes you happy – there are lots of things we have to do from going to work and earning money to pay the bills through to cleaning the home and carrying out the required domestic chores. Every day if you do at least one thing that makes you happy, and recognise that it is one of your passions then it should help to improve your mood.
  2. Get outdoors – fresh air and exercise are a great way to lift your spirits. Even though the weather may be a bit unpredictable there are always things you can do between the showers to make the most of the world around you. It may be just going for a walk, riding a bike or in my case riding my horse but whatever it is make time during the week to do it.
  3. Smile and share it – I really believe that smiles can be contagious. If you can smile it can lift your spirits, and if you then share it then you can brighten other people’s days. I often find opportunities when I can share a smile with people particularly when they least expect it.
  4. Treat yourself – we can do this in little ways which may be buying a magazine that we like, watching a particular programme, and enjoying a bar of chocolate. There are lots of ways you can give yourself a little treat.
  5. Note your gratitude – this is something I try to do regularly but it is always worth reminding myself of the importance of it. If you write down the things you are grateful for it can help to improve your mood as you focus on all the positive things in your life.

September can be a troubling month but I am going to focus on the five ideas to see if I can avoid the onset of the winter blues.


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