Delivering the services

Communication and customer service are moving closer together than ever before. They have always been linked but in 2016 both have to absolutely work hand-in-hand for an organisation to be really effective. People also have ever increasing expectations of what service they should receive which is a huge challenge particularly to the squeezed public sector.

An example of the expectations people now have hit me today with two parcels that I was getting delivered. The first company sent me an email to tell me it would be delivered and then yesterday morning sent an update to tell me the hour that it would arrive. True to what they had said they arrived within the allotted hour which made it much easier for those receiving my package to work their day around the deliver to ensure they were in. It was a good service; I had nothing to complain about and I was left with a great feeling about the company. I would not hesitate in using them myself.

Contrast that with the service received today from a different delivery company. They alerted me late to the plan that they would deliver today. I never received any update about the time the parcels would be delivered and the only update was one to say that they had not been able to deliver the parcel. They made no attempt to leave the parcel out of sight even though there were many possible places to use. I then had to try and arrange for it to be delivered again. The website wasn’t helpful. It was not intuitive to use, it didn’t learn what I wanted to do and there was no easy way to make a complaint. In short, I would refuse to use them again.

People now expect that tracking parcels should be easy online. They should be able to find out where the parcel is and when it will be delivered. The same is true of all services. It is expected that customer service will be at the forefront including levels of automation. Unfortunately, many organisations have not yet grasped the need to invest in frontline services and in developing digital services. That has to be where we focus and invest for the future if businesses are to survive



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