Feel the fear, and what do you do?

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday today, and for those that didn’t have the chance to enjoy the extra day off I hope there was a chance to make the most of the good weather. My day involved going out for a hack in the countryside with my horse. It is something I have done lots of times before without incident but it was different this morning.

It is almost two years since I last took my horse out and away from the yard where he lives. There have been a number of reasons why this has happened including work, his fitness and getting the trailer serviced. To be honest I have been making excuses for why I have not done it in recent months. The reason is that I have been afraid.

Fear is a natural part of daily life. It is when it starts to take over our lives that we need to put it back in the box or get it back in check. What I had been doing was seeing the worst in everything that I was going to do today. I was concerned about loading my horse on the trailer, I was concerned about the journey and how he would travel. I was apprehensive about what we may face on the hack and how he would react, and I was worried how he would feel and whether his arthritis would affect him.

In all those things I saw the worst case. Inevitably, it all went well and was really positive. I had a great day and so did my horse. But for a split second this morning I could have chosen to let fear take over and not gone. Instead, I took some deep breaths and concentrated on the moment, not thinking about what was ahead.

It is a reminder to me that fear is not something I should accept in my life. There are ways it can, and should be conquered, including having a positive outlook. As I sit here tonight, I know I kicked fear out of my life today and I am so pleased.

Edward goes hacking

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