Overcome the barriers

When we are young people often tell us that we can’t do things. In many cases this is absolutely the case and obviously there need to be boundaries. But this should not happen when we are considering what we enjoy and what career we want to take. In the last couple of weeks many students have received both A level and GCSE results, and many will be considering what the future may hold.

It is a time I remember well because there were choices and decisions that had to be made once the results were known. There are always options available no matter what happens and this can still lead you to your chosen career even if you need to approach it from a different route.

I often go to school and college to talk about careers in communication, PR, journalism and the media. Many of the young people have no idea what they want to do for their career which I find hard to understand as I had known the path I wanted to take from primary school. The problem I had through secondary school was not trying to find out what I wanted to do but it was people trying to encourage me to have a back-up plan.

There was no back up plan for me. I was determined and would not listen to those that I felt wanted to put barriers in my path. It may have been a bit foolish but I wasn’t going to settle for second best. We are only here once so we need to make sure we make the best of it. For me, whatever role I do has to be something I am passionate about. We spend so much of our time at work that it should never be just a job we settle on. If we have a passion then we should follow it and we reach for what we want.

Never let people put barriers in front of you and your dreams.

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