Three little words, three big values 

I have come to the conclusion that there are three things that I value highly both in myself and others. They are professionalism, integrity and creativity. I aspire to have demonstrate them whenever possible and definitely when I am under pressure.

People have said my standards and what I expect from people are too high. I don’t think so, what I expect from others I expect from myself. It may appear that I am harsh in myself but sometimes you need to if you are going to develop.

Professionalism is critical for me. To do my best and be continually learning is essential for me every day, week and year. Communication and PR is trying to move to be seen as a profession but to do that continual learning has to be undertaken by practitioners. Throughout my career I have been trying to learn and have always had a continuous professional development plan. 

This work is more critical now as I am leading the team which means I should be aware of industry updates. I should be looking to the future and the development of communication. I should be ensuring I am adequately prepared to lead and help the team.

Integrity is so important to modern PR and communication and to me. This is our credibility to operate and have the confidence of those we work with and for.  It is something we should think about more frequently and we should be really clear about the industry code of ethics that we must uphold.

These two elements, professionalism and integrity, operate hand in hand and must be at the heart of every communicator. Finally, there is creativity. We all come into the industry to use it and develop it but somehow we often lose it. We cannot perform the communication role effectively if we are not being creative, solving problems and trying new things.

Creativity is why I love communication. It is liberating and exciting and when it is used effectively it can have a positive impact on lives. We should all seek to have creativity in our lives on a daily basis.

I value the three elements highly and continue to aim to demonstrate them in everything I do.

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