Marathon effort

This really is going to be my last Olympic inspired blog. I was doing jobs around the house this afternoon and put the TV on to see what sport was underway. It was the marathon which has to be one of the most testing and arduous sports.

They set off to cover many miles without being sure what they will face both from the weather and the terrain. They prepare and train but can only know how their bodies will react when they start the race. It is very unpredictable in many ways.

At the heart of the race is a determination to stay the course, to overcome the physical pain and to meet the challenge. It could help us all to take some of those lessons into our own lives. We can often feel like we are running a marathon and are struggling to see the end in sight. We set out with a hope that we are aware of what lies ahead. We have the right equipment to assist us and we know there are others in the same race. But it is our own race that we must focus on.

Sometimes our lives can feel a bit of an uphill struggle, with few breaks to allow us to recover. We just have to keep going with the knowledge we will reach our goal. 

The sense of achievement when we reach the finish line is immense. We have had confirmation of our strength and determination. At the end is the reward we have been looking for and not just that but the knowledge that we have battled through to reach it. 

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