Gold rush to Manchester

We have been captivated by the two weeks of sporting achievement that we have seen in Rio. It has been a chance to see people overcome adversity to win medals and reach the heights.

It has given us all an opportunity to escape from the challenges of daily life. Being able to share in the joy of those medal winners can bring a smile to the face and cheer us up.

We now have a chance to prolong that feel good factor with a parade of Olympians in Manchester in the coming weeks. It is fantastic news and as someone worked out Manchester on its own would be fourth in the medal table it is well deserved. 

Such events give us the chance to recognise those achievements and show our gratitude to those who represent the country. I am really looking forward to it taking place.

For communicators around Manchester it will be a busy time with lots of extra work required but I am actually relishing the chance to get involved. We have a chance to show the best of Manchester and do it in some style. After all we know the cameras and worlds media will be watching.

I am still excited about the parade that lies ahead and this is 24 hours on from the announcement. It is our chance to make a big impact and above all to hopefully inspire the next generation of athletes and Olympians. Now let’s get planning for a huge party.

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