Open your eyes

It is very easy for us to get caught up in our own lives, world and activities. These things are the most important to us and so we think about them a lot. I don’t see this as selfish just that we know we can impact most on our own lives.

But this can cause problems. If we don’t keep a balance both in focusing internally and externally the impact is significant. When we greet people and ask them how they are do we really want to know and are we prepared for an honest answer?

Often we are so busy with our own priorities that we don’t see people maybe struggling or in pain around us. They may just need a kind word or someone to lean on or they may need someone to point them towards expert help.

For anyone working in communication all this is essential. A strategic communicator sees a lot of things. They see into all aspects of the business in a way that no one else can. It is the communicators who work to deal with problems, promote the positive and step into all aspects. A wise chief executive or business leader will recognise this and harness the information.

We have to open our eyes to really be able to see what is around us. We have to do this at home, work, in communities and throughout our lives.

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