Expect the unexpected

Life is full of the unpredictable. We never really know what is around the corner and that is a challenge we live with. As communicators, we know that curve balls and the unexpected appear regularly and that is part of the joy of the job.

Getting ahead of things when we can is really important. If we are providing communication and public relations support to an organisation or business we have to do it with the fullest knowledge possible.

I find myself musing again about how poor many PR people are in promoting themselves and what they do within those organisations. We focus externally on delivering results for the company and  any promotion of communication is at the bottom of the to-do list.

If people within organisations are aware of the skills and knowledge within PR and comms teams, and know what they do then they are more likely to come forward for help or to provide information. This will put us in the enviable position of having early warning of issues and developments.

Being aware is the starting point for proactively and dealing effectively with incidents and events. With it we can be better communicators and without it we have to battle to make progress. Time to prepare to PR the PR team.

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