Keeping in balance

There are two sorts of people in this world: those who take life seriously and those that don’t. You may think you can identify which is which but it is often not that easy to recognise.

I am often being told that I take life too seriously and maybe I do. My focus is on squeezing all I can out of each day and achieving what I set out to. I like a laugh but often there is not much to laugh about.

When we are young we find everything amusing. As we get older the responsibilities of life take their toll and it can be difficult to see the funny side. The bills need paying, work is demanding, the house needs cleaning and the list of chores goes on and on. How much time is left for fun?

But as a wise person said to me recently life is short so we have to make the most of it and find happiness inside us. If we wait for happiness to appear we could be waiting a long time. It is a cliche to say life is what you make it but it is.

The key really is to have a life that is in balance. One when you can laugh and b serious in equal measure, where you have work and leisure time, and where you share with people and spend time on your own. Too much of any element can upset your mindset and knock you off balance. So I will aim to create a life that is in balance.

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