Climbing the mountains

I feel another Olympics related blog. It came from hearing about a number of stories about people who have triumphed over adversity to get a medal or to get the chance to compete at such a high level. Many people wondered why dressage rider Fiona Bigwood rode with an eye patch on and may have been surprised to learn that after a bad fall she had developed double vision so had to block out the problem.

In the cycling Rebecca James won a silver after returning from career threatening injury problems. And there are many more stories of people doing amazing things to be able to take part.

We all face setbacks in our daily life and it is so easy to say that it is how we deal with them that matters. But of course it absolutely is. Dealing with the problems, challenges or scaling the mountains that stand in our way is vital. We need to have a positive attitude that will carry us through. Some people are born with positivity; some people have to work to change their mindset to be more open to positive thoughts.

When I look at my life and what I have there is so much to be grateful for. Like most people, I have to remember to take note of these things so I don’t take anything for granted. Despite that it can still be difficult to see the positive side, and then feel determined to overcome those obstacles that appear in my life.

The key for those Olympians that I have watched, heard or read about is that they had a passion and a determination to succeed in their chosen path. They see a problem and are already finding the solution so that they can continue. You can only do this if you are single-minded and positive in your approach. Now, I don’t aspire to be an Olympian but I do think I can learn something from them about dealing with the challenges that life throws at me.


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