What is in a name?

First we had Marathon which became Snickers, then we had Oil of Ulay that became Oil of Olay and of course Windscale became Sellafield. Over the years some big brands and locations have found it useful to change their name. It may seem a strange thing to do when brands take years to build themselves up only then to lose it. If you delve into the background there is always a reason why it happens.

It may be because of different markets around the world and trying to standardise. It may be because you want to distance yourself from something negative linked to the product or business. It may be because the brand is struggling and needs to bring itself up-to-date. No matter what the reason changing name and branding is never easy.

I was pleased to see that the PRCA have decided on a name change. For many I am sure they never really knew what the initials stood for but the announcement came out today that from now on they will mean Public Relations and Communication Association. And with a new name comes new branding that can be seen in the new website.

The new name more accurately represents what the organisation is about and is more inclusive than the previous name which appeared to be for one specific group of communicators. With the change comes a new logo and the strapline ‘The Power of Communication’ which is says on the website ‘reflects the huge value that organisations of all kinds now place on communications’. I can’t disagree with that.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here. How will the organisation make itself more accessible for all PR and communication professionals? What will be done to demonstrate the change in identity and branding? There are lots of questions but I will try and have some patience to see what develops.

Does a name really matter? Absolutely, the name is what people remember about the product, business or service. It represents you so it needs to be right. In the case of the PRCA the name is vitally important and I think it is a valuable move to implement this change.

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