Joy around us

The world can often seem to be quite a dark and depressing place. Most of us live in and around towns and cities and these can look like concrete jungles. If you switch on the news it will show you all the horror, trauma and negativity in the world. My job requires closely watching the news otherwise I would be tempted to zone out from it. So how do we deal with this difficult point in time?

One of the ways for me is to find those little moments of joy; the times when we can see something in a different way. These are the things that can make you smile or will fill you with some happiness. The key is to open your mind and to view things from another perspective. Joy is all around us.

It is true to say that happiness comes from within and what we have in life are just things to make life easier. If you have a significant windfall of money it won’t make you happy it will buy you things. What will make you happy is your own perspective on life and the world around you. But if we are able to spot the sights in life that can make us smile it will help to banish the darkness.

I regularly walk along a certain route. It is a suburban setting with roads, pavements and some very tidy gardens. This morning, though, I noticed something surprising. From one of the cracks in the pavement a beautiful purple pansy had grown. It was surrounded by concrete and yet it had found a way to root itself and survive in the harsh conditions. Luckily no-one had trodden on it or disturbed it as it provided a wonderful bloom.

The little pansy at my feet fighting to survive against the odds reminded me how important it is to see the joy that surrounds us no matter where it is.

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