An Olympic effort

It is day two of the Olympics and I am already hooked particularly after watching an hour or so of the eventing dressage phase. Obviously there has been a huge amount of controversy around the competition but what is clear is that it takes someone special to be able to get to the top level in their sport.

Reaching the top of any sport is about ambition, dedication, commitment and a little luck. It is a lot like being at the top of any profession. There is no easy way of getting there it is about hard work and having a single-minded approach to whatever is your chosen avenue.

To start with you have to have a desire to reach the top, a dream or a purpose that will see you being incredibly focused. Without this you will not find the passion to make things happen. The passion will help you through the tough days and nights, and the times when you have to abandon what you want to do because you have some training to do.

Above all you have to be dedicated and committed to your chosen profession. If you are easily distracted then you are not going to build the knowledge, skill and experience that will help to take you to the top. This dedication is the drive behind most athletes, competitors and even the top business people. It is a desire to master your chosen area of work and to be the best.

Of course there has to be some luck behind why some people get to the top and others don’t. In the world of equestrianism there is a lot that good management can do to keep horse and rider at the peak of fitness but there is also some luck related to keeping injury free. We all need a little bit of luck to help us on our way.

I will enjoy watching those at the top of their chosen sport for the next few weeks and will try to gain some inspiration for the work I do.

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