Let go and rebuild

When we develop something and we find it works it is an amazing feeling. Being able to get the results you need from an idea you have overseen is extremely positive. We spend a lot of time at work finding those magic elements that delivery in such a significant way. So when we have to let go and move on it can feel like an incredibly difficult thing to do.

The world is turning and life moves on. What may have been a great idea, process or product at the time can lose its shine over the years. It is just like the products we buy. When we first bring them home they are new and operate at the peak of performance but this can’t and doesn’t last. After a while they begin to fail, show the signs of use and age and ultimately they will stop working.

It is the same for those amazing ideas that we have at work. If we don’t continue to review, adapt and move forward then we will go backwards. The shine will go and from feeling positive about what you are achieving it will start to ebb away until it fails completely.

The key is to ensure you are not wedded completely to any idea, product or development. We need to be able to look a little dispassionately at what has been created so that we know to keep at peak performance we have to make changes. The changes are what will keep things fresh, up-to-date and ready to meet the requirements of the world as it transforms. It needs us to be able to sometimes let go of what we had a huge amount invested in both professionally and personally.

There have been a number of occasions during my 15 years working in the current job that I have had to do this. Believe me, it is never easy and these changes can feel a little bit like bereavement as we have to say goodbye to something we have developed. A more positive way to view this situation is as an opportunity to build on the success and create something better. Let go and then look at rebuilding.


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