Who would be a head of comms?

I often wonder why I do the job I do, particularly when things are not working out as I would like them to, or when the pressure really grows. I am sure people who know me will have heard me talk about the frustrations and possibly moan about the job. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love my job all day every day, few people do. But I think I love what I do for at least 80 per cent of the time.

Today reminded me why I love it. You never know what to expect, or what may land on your desk. It is a huge test of ‘plate-spinning’ but that has a certain thrill to it and there is a huge sense of achievement when you win. I also have to go from the strategic to the tactical and back again. It keeps you on your toes when you are considering broad strategic developments one minute only to be dragged away to deal with an immediate tactical problem that needs solving.

Of course, it needs the right team around you to make it work. Over the years I have been lucky to work with some amazing people who are enthusiastic, professional and committed to the job. We are all very different people so the key is to harness the best from individuals and make it work as one team. I have written before about it feeling like a dysfunctional family, but I don’t see that as a problem. Families have strong bonds and usually are pulling in the same direction despite the fact they have ups and downs, and that is what we need for an effective team.

I like to feel that I have achieved something at the end of the day and I can honestly say there are very few days that I go home without this. It is busy, challenging, exciting, draining and fun.

Who would want to be a head of communications?  I would hope that lots of people are working towards achieving this goal. I know it was something I wanted to do from a very early stage in my career. There is a lot of pressure and it can take over your life, but it also brings huge rewards with what can be achieved.

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