Now or tomorrow?

In the past couple of days some friends have had very sad news to share. They have had life changing issues to contend with. It has made me contemplate a few things about what I am doing and what I face in my life.

It is very easy, for me at least, to start considering the future challenges before I even reach them. When I am feeling quite down about life nothing appears to be positive and I can only see trouble ahead. 

My approach means if I am not careful I miss out on all the good stuff that is around me on a daily basis. I have written before about the importance of a gratitude journal and saying thank you. I have also considered the recent push to get people to consider mindfulness and what it can bring. I am coming to the conclusion that my answer lies somewhere in the middle – between future planning and mindfulness.

Realistically I need to plan for certain elements of my life whether that is financial or personal. Without planning I could find myself struggling to deal with basic parts of living. But I have to stop myself trying to predict what the future may hold as none of us know that.

When I was having my riding lesson on my horse who is getting old. I was in the moment. He may be 20 but he rode like a seven-year-old and that was a moment in time that I must treasure.

The challenge for me is to find the balance between now and tomorrow and to train myself in the way I think about life.

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