Are you living your purpose?

I thought I would continue the theme of yesterday’s blog which was about learning new things. One point I made was about the value of having someone to help us with career advice when we are reaching that point in our young lives. The information can assist in any considerations about future jobs and where we would be best suited. It is also where we get information on the qualifications we need. So why don’t we have access to this as we get older.

During our careers we can find that we have lost our way slightly and we need help about what we should do. We may need advice about the nature of some formal qualification that we want to undertake. We may want to consider a slight change in our chosen career, or we may even want a total change to do something new.

The only way to get some help and support is to speak to our friends and family, or possible seek some assistance from a life coach or other such professional. But there is always a question about who we can trust for this advice and whether they have a vested interest. We need to be able to access independent advice in the way we could as young people.

It is odd to think that we make some decisions when we are about 16 and are expected to continue on that same road throughout the next 40 or so years. I wonder why we don’t think about diversifying or trying something new. One of the key elements is to ask ourselves as we head into our 30s and 40s are we living our purpose? If we aren’t then perhaps we need to review the situation in the way we did when we set out on our chosen path in our teenage years.

I am heading towards a few days off work and this is something that I am going to think about a bit more. I want to review whether I am living my purpose and perhaps with some independent advice I can find the answers.


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