Pokemon No – or Yes?

I have read and heard a lot about the latest Pokemon Go app that seems to have become an overnight phenomenon. There are lots of concerns that have been raised about the possibility that people will put themselves in harm’s way while playing it or that children may be targeted through it. We are starting to see reports of people becoming victims of crime because of the way they use the app.

So, I decided to download it myself and have a look at what it was all about. I am not from the generation that was gripped by the original Pokemon craze, and I think that is why I didn’t gain much from trying Pokemon Go. It seemed to be incredibly hard work to try and find the creatures and I didn’t want to make them fight so that made part of the game morally challenging. It short I simply wasn’t bothered by it and could not find the interest to go hunting creatures.

I suppose I am still not the target audience for the app, which I accept. I had hoped that I would find myself getting the bug for it, but it was not to be. There are some positive aspects to the app; to start with it is getting people out and about walking and taking some exercise. It has a way of bringing people together and that is positive. But we have to recognise the risks and more importantly make sure that those who are vulnerable in society including the young are educated and understand the risks.

Pokemon is just the latest app to capture attention but the measures to protect yourself, your family and your children are the same. It doesn’t matter what the programme, app or online network is you are using you need to be careful about giving too much personal information away. I would urge everyone to look at the video released recently by CIFAS which makes you think about how much you give away on a daily basis. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq-0tjv4_BA)  Some when Pokemon has disappeared online safety and security will still be a big issue for us all.


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