Finish what you started

How many unfinished projects do you have littering your life? How many times have you started something but never actually finish it? I have a few of these and I can find that they weigh heavy on me.

When I look at those projects that I started with gusto and enthusiasm and see they are close to completion I get angry with myself. We have I not found the time to complete them? I have half written stories, pieces of art that I haven’t quite finished, home improvement that is part way to completion and they are all around me.

I can get quite disheartened and struggle to see which of them needs attention first. They are all looking at me so who should I work on when I have a finite amount of time?

The problem for me is related to two things: the demands of modern life and my short attention span. On the first, it is the demands from work that can creep into my evenings and weekends that distract me. I also find I want to keep up-to-date with what is happening and that means watching what takes place, and in turn that takes my attention away from the task in hand.

I do also have to confess to having a very short attention span, and I can get bored with some of the projects. Time away from them can be helpful as I regroup, recharge and get refreshed to pick it back up.

This weekend I set myself the challenge of getting my life a bit more organised. At the end of Saturday I still have a lot to do, but that is a job for tomorrow. Part of the plan is to get some of the tasks and projects completed, hopefully.

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