Shocking, but light will shine through

I feel that today I have to reflect on the terrible events of the last 24 hours and the horror that arrived to the streets in Nice. My thoughts are with all those that are affected, their families, friends and loved ones. Terror attacks have become a feature of life in the last 20 or more years but they still manage to shock me.

When we learn of such horrific events it makes us question the nature of modern life and humanity. It can make us feel vulnerable and then start to fragment our communities as we look to protect ourselves and our families. But we can’t and from the darkness we have to see the light that exists.

In Nice there are reports of people making desperate attempts to stop the truck putting themselves at risk. There were law enforcement and others that ran towards the danger to try to protect people. Within all the horror there will be lots of stories of how people came together, tried to help each other, and demonstrated the best of human nature.Those are the people that I want to focus on and talk about.

Communities are strongest when they put aside their differences and find the common ground that will allow them to work together. It needs us all to recognise this and be prepared to do our bit to make the change. As I get older I find myself becoming more and more interested in how I can help the community I am part of. When there is a threat or some negative element taking hold it makes me want work with others to overcome the darkness.

Social media can help to bring us together but it can also create division. I saw some great positive steps last night where people were using social media to try and help those needing a place to live, or who needed to let relatives and friends know they were ok. But I also saw the worst of it with videos that were autoplaying on social networks. I want to give people some dignity when they have suffered such a violent attack, and there is no reason for anyone, and particularly the media, to publish those videos.

I hope we continue to see the positive aspects of human nature shining through. I know that I watched with horror but with a determination that I will do what I can to bring communities together.

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