What you stand for

There is no way of escaping politics. It has been on all the TV news channels all day, in fact for quite a few days. This blog will steer away from the politics but it has taken some of the events of today as its inspiration. When Theresa May took up the post as Prime Minister she outlined what she stood for. Is this something we should all do?

If you were asked to do the same do you think you could do it? Would you be able to easily outline what was important to you, what you were supportive of and what you wanted to achieve in the next 12 months? I would imagine most of us would need a bit of time to be able to unpick it but also then start to put it together in a way that other people would understand.

Imagine then that we ask people that know you to do this same and outline what they believe you stand for. Could they do it? More than that would their detailed explanation match yours?

We can often be inconsistent in how we approach life and how we make our decisions. However, we all have some principles that we adhere to, those elements that are of crucial importance to us. We often have taken these principles with us throughout our life and they are formed during our early years.

I think it would be useful for all of us to be able to articulate what we stand for. It helps us to understand ourselves by a period of introspection, but it also means we can take stock of our views. Effectively we can step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and check where we are and what we are doing before stepping back into the fray.

This weekend I am going to use the opportunity a little bit of free time and will aim to outline what I stand for and what matters to me. Then I will reflect on what this means. I will update about the results in a future blog so watch this space.

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