Use your potential now

As I got in the car to go to work this morning I heard the traffic news warning people away from the M61 junctions that I would normally have used. I sighed at the thought of another Monday morning battling through the traffic but at least it wasn’t raining. I drove past lines of cars, vans and lorries being taken off the M61 as I was travelling in the opposite direction.

It was all so mundane and safely normal for a Monday morning. However, when I arrived at work the situation changed. The accident in the early hours of the morning had involved a member of staff and it all became very real. Someone had lost their life on that motorway this morning. I never knew Samantha Derbyshire but she was a colleague.

Sam was already a Special Constable and was due to become a PC later this year after being accepted through recruitment. It was the job her family have said she always wanted to do and it is a tragedy that she will never be able to do it. In a moment this morning the future was taken and a huge number of people had their lives changed. My thoughts are with Sam’s family, friends and colleagues at this terrible time.

At times like this the police service comes together as a big family trying to help and support each other. It is one of the amazing things working in policing that you feel a close connection to those you work with. We can also see the amount of support there is for the police service with the messages being posted on social media. It is heart-warming to see the messages of condolence from a whole range of people. Many never knew Sam but wanted to provide support to those struggling to deal with events today.

Today is a reminder that we need to make the most of every minute of every day. We never know what is around the corner and have to focus on what matters today. We have so much potential that we have to make sure we use it while we can.

My love and support go to Sam’s family, friends, colleagues and all those who have been affected by what happened today.


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