Interest and intrigue

The past 10 days have been momentous for many reasons and we look like there is still more interest and intrigue ahead. Today I read with interest a blog by noted communicator Bob Leaf that featured on the CIPR website. (

I would recommend reading the blog if you are a communicator no matter where you are working. However, I can’t agree with all the details within the article. Bob states ‘So never before has effective PR been needed so badly by the UK.’ That is true; with the current state of uncertainty having clear, effective and honest communication is critical. But I would argue that there are many other times in history that can rival the current position and the importance of PR.

For many communicators working both in-house and in agencies the financial crisis over the past five years or more has been even more demanding. We have had to rethink what we do and move PR into a different arena. It had a critical role in advising businesses and organisations to chart the way through choppy waters.

Bob goes on to write ‘So for the PR industry it will be like finding a gold mine.’ I find this quite a cynical view of the current state where the PR industry could be seen as using the situation for its own benefit. For me, we need to step up and show how we can help steer the country through the difficulties. This is our time to demonstrate the value of the PR industry but I do agree with Bob that the advice has to be rooted in competence and for me professionalism.

This period of uncertainty is a chance for the PR industry to restate what it does and how it can help to improve the position. However, I would argue that we should be doing this on a daily basis when we are dealing with our regular activity. Effective communication is important every day no matter what we are doing. For me, that is more important than dealing with the current crisis situation in building the reputation of PR.


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