The halfway point

I have reached the half way point in my challenge to myself to write a blog every day during 2016. So I thought it would be worth reflecting on what I have learnt so far after I have typed a lot of words.

  1. It isn’t that hard to find a subject for the blog – it is surprisingly easy to write a blog every day because so much happens in every 24 hours. Writing the blog is now a habit I have so I find that during the day my brain is constantly scanning for interesting and relevant subjects. There are days that are easier than others but I can always find something to say.
  2. I have a lot of views – too many some may say. Blogging is easier when you have a specific viewpoint on a subject. My parents will tell you that nothing has changed I had some very clear views when I was a child and I still do now. Often I can get quite passionate about the subject under discussion and I think it is because I care about things.
  3. Take feedback in all forms – getting some form of response to the words you put out is the best feeling. It doesn’t matter whether someone agrees or disagrees with you but the fact they felt interested enough to respond is an amazing situation.
  4. Make it a habit – you have to commit to blogging every day no matter what happens. After a while it becomes something that you don’t have to think about, you just find yourself picking up the computer and logging on.
  5. This has been a rollercoaster year – we have only had six months but both in my personal life and in the world generally we have seen highs and lows. At the moment it feels that there are more lows but a quick scan of the blogs shows that is wrong. The lows are less frequent but they have a bigger impact.
  6. Be honest – the one thing I have found in the six months is to open up when I am writing. I hope that people see that in the writing. The topics covered have included some very personal ones, including yesterday’s which I wrote while confronting grief.

This has been an interesting six months and one where I have found out a lot about myself. I hope that people have found some of the blogs interesting and I am looking forward to what comes in the next six months.

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