The best from social media

There is a lot that is written about the negative aspects of social media from criminal activity taking place through to how it is damaging modern life. Today there came another example of how it can be a source for good and can bring about positive outcomes.

It started with some shocking footage being posted on social media. The footage appeared to be from a tram in Manchester taken in the morning as it was full of commuters heading to work. I am sure you will have seen the incident that then took place and as it is an ongoing investigation we need to be careful about what we say. However, it was footage of an incident that may have never been reported to police or the authorities. Once it was posted online it didn’t take long before police were made aware of it.

The footage could be easily shared and was good quality which helped. It wasn’t long before people who had witnessed the incident or had information came forward. Again, this is thanks to the publicity it received through social media and the media. However, it was social media that helped to get information out swiftly.

Social media was a great way of being able to make people aware of what had happened, the information police needed and also it highlighted an incident and got people talking about how they would have addressed it. It brought people together to condemn the behaviour.

From start to finish this has been an incident that has been tackled under the gaze of social media users. Thankfully they have been people ready to intervene and step forward to help make a difference. Without social media and the technology we all have available on the smartphones in our pockets I am sure the incident would have never been reported. Without social media people may not have come forward as witnesses, and without social media communities may not have come together.

At a time when the negative aspects of social media are often at the forefront of our discussions, we need to stop and recognise the positive aspects whenever we spot them. Some of the best in human behaviour can be seen if we keep looking.

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