Keep talking for a brighter future

We heard more today about the post-referendum plan and what that will involve. The key element appears to be a task force that will be established and involve what are called ‘the best’ civil servants. I have been trying to find out more detail but one thing that is essential in the way we move forward for me is to involve members of the public in some way.

The referendum involved more than 70 per cent of the public and has led to much discussion over dinner tables and brews. People have become engaged in politics in a way I haven’t seen before. They have been asked to make a significant decision for the country, and they have. Now we have to get to the fine detail it shouldn’t be something that the public are shut out from.

We know people have lots to say and want to say it. If those in power don’t involve people then they risk alienating individuals further. One thing that people have been saying continually since Friday morning is that we have to come together to deal with the situation. One of the best ways to do this is to give people a stake in how things come together from now into the future.

The solutions need the support of the public and politicians must make sure they don’t disconnect from people at this uncertain time. Agreements should be explained and decisions discussed so that there is an understanding, acceptance and room for suggestions from those that are living with the consequences and may not be classified as ‘experts’ or the elite civil servants.

Most businesses and organisations are continually battling to find ways to connect with customers or the wider public. Now more than ever we need to build on the interest in politics so that we can make sure the future is brighter for everyone.

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