Asking for help

When did you last step in and help someone out? Did you stop and offer a hand to someone who was stranded or having a problem? Have you helped your neighbour by taking a parcel in? When someone asked you for assistance were you there?

I have been lucky that when I asked for help today there were a number of people who stepped in. It reminded me how important it is to look out for those around us particularly when we are in such a challenging and uncertain time at the moment. We need things that we can rely upon and that has to be the people around us.

Society is about people and as individuals we need to work together to help each other. It might all sound a bit fluffy and nice but it is much more as it is the way we have a solid structure to our lives. I worry that this humanity and kindness is something that we forget and particularly when times are tough. If we are struggling we have to focus on ourselves and I understand that. But we have to find a way to manage to think about others as well as ourselves.

The little acts to help others and random acts of kindness are now more important than ever before. I have written many times of the importance of the little things that can make a big difference to people’s lives. We can easily forget them in the daily grind and pressure of modern life. Technology and social media can make us more introspective despite the fact we can connect with millions of people. This means we have to take more care over what is occupying our time and our lives.

I was incredibly grateful for the support I received today from a number of people. I asked for help and there were many people that stepped forward to answer my request. I want to say a big thank you and I know I will find ways to repay the kindness.

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