Bringing joy into the office

Tomorrow is ‘bring your dog to work day’ which bring joy and dread into many hearts depending on your viewpoint. People will probably ask why would you do that and say that it must be disruptive to the working environment. After all we are all incredibly busy at work so will find any distraction a drain on our time.

I have written many times about the pressure of modern life and that we need to build resilience particularly at work. I wonder whether we are doing enough and thinking creatively to improve the workplace, support staff and find ways to reduce sickness. Perhaps our approach is too pedestrian when we need to do a lot more to make a difference to what happens at work.

There has to be a lot more we can do if we are given the freedom to be more creative in our approach. It may be that bringing pets into the office can increase the productivity and lift the spirits of the workforce. Maybe we should be introducing office activities and events that will bring people together to tackle non-work issues. Perhaps there is scope to develop more family friendly working hours, or allowing people to work nights or weekends to have some time in the week.

It is easy to say all these things are too hard to achieve. They aren’t difficult. What we need is the freedom to try new things and approach the challenge of sickness in a different way. Work is hard enough as it is so why will we just keep piling on the pressure? Well-being, resilience and support are key subjects for most workplaces so now may be the time to build on training with some simple ways of improving people’s mood. Pets in the workplace is just one element, sweepstakes, office buffets where people bring in food, team lunches – there is so much that we can try to support increased productivity. After all happy staff will produce better results.

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