Marking the milestones

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and it marked the longest day with many hours of daylight. It signals the start of summer and hopefully with that some sun that will warm people’s hearts and spirits. We mark events and milestones throughout the year whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, and new things in our lives.

There is a lot to gain from marking milestones both at home and at work. To start with it gives us a sense that things are moving forwards and that we are not just standing still and doing the same thing day after day. We are on a journey and the events are like signposts on the way to our ultimate destination.

Milestones also give us a chance to take stock of the situation and check whether we are where we should be. Are we still following the right path? Do we need to make a change and step into a new route? Is the progress taking place at the right speed or are we behind the time? You can ask yourself these questions both at home and work. Aligned to this we also have the chance to celebrate how far we have come and what we have achieved. We have taken stock and see the success that has been realised.

Sometimes we mark events as a way to distract ourselves from other things in life. If this is for a short respite and time to recover and rebuild our resilience that is fine. If it becomes a way to distance you from the reality of life then it needs to be reassessed as this is potentially very damaging.

Our lives are becoming increasingly complex, busy and challenging which makes being able to celebrate some key dates, events and achievements incredibly important. Make the most of the lighter nights as winter will being reaching us before long.


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