50 years and counting

It was a really momentous occasion today when we celebrated my mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary. They have been married for 50 years and that has to be something to mark. There are few people that will be celebrating the landmark in the coming years because the world is changing. To start with lots of people choose not to get married (including me).

There are some key lessons from the time I have watched my parents and while I understand that people may not stay together for 30, 40, 50 or more years we can do more in our relationships. Whether it is work, home or our partners we can benefit from an approach that values the effort and commitment.

The world moves quickly, things change, technology moves on but we can stick at the relationships around us. We can put effort into understanding the good and bad, and recognising how we can work more collaboratively. This means spending more time thinking about others, and how we relate to those other people.

Patience and understanding are important to all relationships. After all, we never know what is round the corner so why do we sweat about the small and unimportant things? Instead, value what matters and take time to discuss those issues with the people around you. Some battles are not worth fighting, and sometimes it is much easier just to accept the situation and move forward.

See the good in the people around you. We all too often spend our time focusing on what we need to improve, what we haven’t got or what annoys us. Developing a more positive outlook will mean we can find the good in all people and all situations that we face.

I know relationships are hard. It doesn’t matter whether it is your home-life, work-life or other friends you have to work at it to get the maximum benefit.

Above all, I have to say huge congratulations to my mum and dad for reaching this milestone through the ups and downs of life. They are two amazing people and have shown they are stronger together


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