Tips for survival

This has been a tough week across the world. There have been a number of high profile and violent incidents that have stuck in my mind. Alongside all this hatred and fear there has been a huge outpouring of love to counteract the negativity. How do we manage to continue our day-to-day activities set against this backdrop of horrific events?

I decided today that we have to do three things. Firstly, we have to understand, view and accept that there are terrible, shocking and traumatic events that take place in the world. No matter what we wish for we know that things will sometimes go awry and we have to accept there are some dangerous and evil people in this world.

Secondly, we have to make time for those activities that make our hearts sing. These are the activities that we can get engrossed in and forget about events in our own lives or that are taking place around the world. You need to know what these activities are as when it all gets too much that is where you must go. For some people it is art or sports that can take you away from things. For me it is baking that takes my attention and also allows me to be creative. I can spend a few hours baking cakes and then decorating them. I don’t even notice the time flying by.

Thirdly, have things around you that will restore your faith in humanity and the joy of the world. Nature is often a way to achieve this. I find surrounding myself with animals makes the difference. Animals just want to survive with food, water, bedding and some love. They don’t judge, they don’t hate, and they don’t make unreasonable demands.

It has been a difficult week for many people and it is times like these that we need to have our support mechanisms in place. I hope you have a good weekend doing whatever makes you smile.

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