Keeping the wheels turning

I took my car in for a service today. It sounds dull but it is really important to keep it working at its best. I needed to have a specialist check it over and maintain the key parts as well as identifying if there are some things that I need to keep an eye on for the future. What would happen if I don’t keep it serviced? Well, it might carry on working or more likely it would start to stutter and fail.

This is very much like all aspects of our lives. If we don’t keep maintaining them then they could possibly fail and stop working. But how often have you thought about maintaining your well-being, mental health, or working life? I doubt you have given it much thought. We often consider our physical health particularly as we start to get older. We end up being called to the doctors for an MOT check.

The challenge to some of this is understanding what we need to do to keep our well-being, mental health or working lives functioning smoothly. If we are not careful we just know when it fails. It is important to understand how we can relax and unwind and what we need to build ourselves back up when we have reached empty on resilience. Without this level of understanding we won’t be able to make the repairs needed.

I see the same issue at work. If we don’t keep an eye on all elements of it and what is starting to show the wear and tear then we may find things starting to fail. Are we keeping our communication strategy under review? Do you know what elements of the internal communication activity are working or not? Have you put the right oil into the system to keep things functioning properly?

We can’t just hope that things will continue working if we don’t maintain them whether it is ourselves, our work or a car. It is definitely time to give things a healthcheck.

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