Love will conquer

There is only one subject I feel I can and should blog about tonight and that is the importance of love not fear. The events in Orlando have been shocking and my heart goes out to all those affected whether in America or closer to home. When I watched some of the news reports this morning and heard from those who at been in the middle of the tragedy it was upsetting. No-one could fail to have been moved by the stories of people texting friends and family when they were caught up in the terror attack.

All such events are carried out to make us all fearful. They are designed to breed fear in communities around the world. What is important is that we stand together and show that love will always conquer fear. If we care for each other and stand side by side against those who want to attack and undermine us then we are stronger.

People in America have been donating blood to ensure there are stocks to help the victims and that is real practical support. But it is more than that it is people showing that they will help their fellow citizens during the time of crisis.

It is wonderful to see the amazing scenes of people coming together tonight and showing their strength. The vigils in London, Manchester and many other cities are the one thing that has given me hope for the future. We have to ensure that this love and support for our fellow citizens continues and we don’t let the fear and hate in.

The world has seen some terrible tragedies in recent years and many families have had their lives changed forever as they have lost loved ones. It seems easy to say that we need to be strong together and make sure that love is what binds us. This isn’t easy and these times test us all.

My thoughts are with all those affected wherever they are and I hope that they feel the love that has been shown since the horrific attack took place.


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