Last, again

It is late and I have been busy all day. There are so many things I have had to do today that I can’t remember giving myself five minutes. In fact, sitting writing this blog is the first opportunity I have had to try and focus on one thing for more than 10 minutes. But even now I am worrying if I have done everything I needed to.

The problem for me is that I try to cram too much into each day and when I have days like today it is going to push me to the limits. As the saying goes I really am last minute. com. It isn’t a good way to be as I pride myself on being an organised person and leaving things to the eleventh hour just isn’t something I am comfortable with.

My thoughts are now moving to what I can do to sort this out. I could reduce the amount of things I try and do in one day. I could make sure that I build in some relaxation time or meditation time. I could reduce the hours of sleep that I get. But really there is no easy answer to this dilemma. I am like many people in this modern era – I want to have everything and to enjoy doing everything.

The solution needs to be about me increasing my resilience so that I am not getting concerned about the looming deadline. This is easier said than done. But as many people would tell me I also need to build in some time where I can relax without rushing from A to B. I have written before about my obsession with deadlines so I think I will always end up being last on occasions when I cram just a bit too much into my day.

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