Learning to deal with it

It seems one in 25 of us will now suffer from anxiety and the problem is worse in the under 35s and women are more affected than men. Many commentators and those interviewed are putting it down to the pace of modern life, the stresses of social media and the fact that there is little ‘down time’ from work now we are so well connected. I also think that we recognise the signs and symptoms now in a way that our parents and grandparents wouldn’t and didn’t.

We all face pressure points in our lives. These are the times when we face the stress of exams, moving home, changing jobs, going for a job interview, getting married or facing a health problem. When we face these situations our bodies and minds respond which make us feel worried or anxious. But for some these feelings can overtake and be a daily struggle to deal with.

I have always felt that a little pressure in life, and particularly in work, is good for you as for me it often brings out the best. If we go through life with no pressure then I wonder if we are really living. The key is having coping mechanisms and how we use them to manage the situations.

Resilience and the ability to cope with a whole range of pressures is more important now and particularly as the results of the research by Cambridge University shows more and more of us are going to struggle. There are tips and techniques that I have more recently come to understand that I think should be taught in school. There are now good reasons why meditation and life coaching should be brought into education. If we tackle the issue among young people we are likely to reduce the numbers that are suffering with anxiety in later life. We need to see in the next five or 10 years the numbers reducing as people have more coping mechanisms.

The pace and complexity of modern life is not going to reduce so we all need to take care of ourselves and find those things that mean we are health and resilient throughout our lives.

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