All for one….

There are a few occasions when we are thrown together with people and we have to get through and come out the other side. It puts us to the test as to how, in a pressured environment, we are going to be able work alongside others to achieve a shared goal. I have had a couple of those experiences recently and it has highlighted a few learning points.

I remembered that I love meeting new people. They bring with them new ideas, new experiences and a different perspective on life. People are fascinating and when you get some time to spend with them you can learn a lot quite quickly. In the modern world such experiences can be few and far between. We spend a lot of our time online, rushing around, and with the same people at work and home. We should treasure the moments we get to share with new people.

When you are thrown together with other people you have to find ways to work. You need to be able to recognise their skills and abilities, and listen to what they have to offer. We all like to think we have the answers but we don’t and other people can teach us things. In discussion with new people you have to really ensure you are actively listening as well as talking.

It is human nature that when we are put with people as a team we usually start to bond and will be working together. I know this doesn’t always happen but in many cases it does. You want everyone to succeed and despite only knowing them for a short period of time you feel a part of each individual and their outcome. It is what can build really strong teams where people come together to achieve that shared goal and support each other. It is a ‘musketeers’ approach that I really like. At a time when we are often focused on ourselves it is good to remember the ‘all for one’ motto.

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One Response to All for one….

  1. timhudsonpr says:

    Lovely thoughts. It’s remarkable how ‘connected’ a new team can become when put under a lot of pressure in a short space of time.


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