The personal touch

Ever since we hit austerity I have been much more careful with the way I spend my money. To be fair being careful with money is something that I have had for many years and since I was old enough to understand the value of the cash in my pocket. There is something that I have noticed I do now when I am spending money, and that is I take care where I spend it.

I would rather spend money with a small business or a sole trader who provides excellent service but may cost a few pence more than head for the big chains. It isn’t that I avoid shopping at supermarkets and department stores but I will avoid them if the customer service isn’t good and doesn’t treat me as an individual.

Today I had to pick up some antibiotics from the vets that I use. I am a strong advocate of them as they provide excellent service and whether it is a small furry or a large dog they treat all the animals as equals. They are friendly when I phone and they try to help by either booking me in or giving me advice. It is why I talk about them positively and would recommend them to others.

I do a lot of online shopping now and find the service from the small businesses and sole traders usually far superior to large stores. Often I find them through Facebook or other social media and they respond quickly to queries and more importantly orders. It feels good to be helping someone to run their business and do what they love to do. And it is that kind of experience that the big retailers need to be able to replicate.

They need to be responsive to people and their buying habits. I regularly will do my shopping online at night or during the weekend when I have time, and if I have a query I want to have it answered swiftly or I will move to another website. When I get in touch I want the company to remember me and what I am interested in. Above all I want to be treated as an individual that is valued by the business.

I continue to hone my shopping experience to reward those who provide me with that personal approach in a busy world.

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