Stay safe, think of others

There is one thing that we all need to have in life, and that is courtesy. For me this covers thinking about others and realising that we have to live side by side in our neighbourhoods. There are many, many ways we can show it every day but often we only think of it when it is absent.

Rudeness may not be something that people set out to show during the day but it can be the outcome of thinking only about ourselves or getting caught up in our own little world and daily dramas. Are we really recognising what is happening in the world around us? Can we say we have been helpful to others during the day?

Courtesy is crucial when we are on the roads. Cars, cyclists, pedestrians and also horses are all using the roads on a daily basis. We need to ensure we share it and show the courtesy to each other. It means understanding the other persons perspective and recognising that cyclists and horses need some space and a reduction in speed if they are to be comfortable and most importantly safe on the roads.

All too often the only person that seems to matter on the roads is ourselves. We get behind the wheel and have only one thing in mind getting to our destination in the shortest time possible. It doesn’t matter what or who is in our way. But we have to be prepared for anything and show courtesy to everyone we encounter on the roads. As a horse rider it is also important when you are out hacking on the roads to show courtesy by thanking those that wait patiently for you, or pass wide and slow. I get really annoyed with riders who appear to just expect that you will take extra time. Show a bit of courtesy and recognise those who help you stay safe.

When you head out in the car to get somewhere take a moment to think about others that matter around you. Slow down and take a bit more time so that other people can share the roads. We all have a right to share this planet and thinking of others is essential.

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